Science Operations Center

The Spektr-UF / WSO-UV Science Operations Centre (SOC) is in charge of handling and archiving all the data products acquired by the WSO-UV instruments and made the scientific data products available to the community.

It includes the following components:

- The Scientific Data Reception System (SDRS).

- The Operational Control Centre (OCC).

- The WSO Science Control Centres (SCCs).


The OCC is the part of the SOC co-located with the WSO-UV Mission Operations Center (MOC).

 There will be two SCCs, one located at INASAN, one at UCM. The SCCs are formed by the set of SOC components in charge of:

- The final archive of data.

- L2 processing from L1 level.

- Provision of the scientific analysis tools to the community.

- Provision of proposal reception and handling systems.

 The Joint Center for Ultraviolet Astronomy located at Universidad Complutense of Madrid (UCM) hosts the SCC at Spain.